Americans are not the most consistent when it comes to voting. There are many reasons people decide not to vote each and every election.

As American citizens, I believe it is our responsibility to vote for our future. Especially because we are fortunate to have the power to do so. Sure, I agree that politics can be full of drama and become a popularity contest at times but that doesn't change that idea that voting for elected officials still matters for the future of us as individuals, us as a country, and our future for generations to come.

Anyway, this whole post has one purpose and one purpose only. That is to get you to go to this website -->

This website is legit. It really is the easiest way to vote. It removes all of the excuses that you have for not voting.

I myself have had an excuse the past month for not being prepared to vote. I got a letter in the mail a month ago reminding me to update my voter registration in time for the election coming up. My registration is all up to date so that is taken care of. However, I love absentee voting. So quick, so easy, a great way to check that important item off the list. The problem is, I don't know how to get my absentee ballot or where to go. I am told, "go to your voting office" and I don't know what that is. Either way, I have been putting this off the past month.

Until today.

voteplz got me my absentee ballot. No kidding. Today I went to this website, viewed all the amazing capabilities that it has and figured "I am all registered. There is nothing this website can do for me." Wrong. Within 3 minutes I got my absentee ballot delivered via email. Boom.

Again, go to this website. It is very well done. Loaded with great information. Answers all questions that you have. And can get you all ready to vote for the upcoming election.