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With every human interaction, we have a choice to make. We may choose to show love and respect or we may choose the opposite. We each make this decision individually. Even our children. Take a moment with me and witness what their choice is.

Yesterday, I saw something beautiful.

Yesterday, I marched with thousands of others to stand up against the immigration ban (aka the muslim ban) put into place recently by the 45th President of the United States. The ban, as you may know, blocks the entry of people from seven majority Muslim countries into the U.S.

At the march, I saw one of the most beautiful moments I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

We were about half-way done with the walk. I was marching along at a steady pace until I encountered this older woman. She was walking quite slowly and I decided to slow down behind her. She was in her 60s and had a nice smile on her face from the side. No cane in her hand and had a great posture. She had me curious why she was walking so slowly. Was there something I should be paying attention to?

When I looked down, I discovered that this older woman was walking a 2 year old girl. This young girl had one hand being held and the other hand free. She did not stumble while she walked, but she was not a pro at it either.

This young girl was wearing a beautiful black hijab veil on her head with silver sparkles on it. She was of a minority that myself and others were marching for that day.

I continued to walk behind these two for a moment when something unexpected happened. As this young girl was walking, she looked up at a taller white man who was passing by her. He had a sign in his hands and looked down at the girl to give her a smile. When this random man smiled down at her, she reached out her left hand to him wanting him to hold it.

This sounds like the scene of a movie, right? She reached out her hand this to stranger as if he was a friend.

The man looked at her hand for a couple of seconds and began to reach his hand but took it back almost immediately. Then, he began to give her his sign expected her to grab that instead but she was not interested. You could tell he was a little uncomfortable with the situation. After a couple more seconds of hesitation, the man grabbed onto her hand and the 3 of them began to walk together in front of me.

I am still in awe with this imagine stuck in my mind. This young girl reached out her hand to a stranger with no care in the world who this person was. She simply wanted to hold his hand.

This young girl has no idea what is going on right now.

She had no idea why she was walking on the sidewalk that day. She had no idea why there were thousands of people walking by her with signs in their hands. She had no idea that this immigration ban existed. She simply wanted to hold someone's hand.

This young girl has nothing but love to give to each and every one of us. It doesn't matter who walks by her on the sidewalk, she wants to reach out her hand to you.

She has nothing but love to give. I wish to keep it that way for her.

When children are born, they are born to love are care for others. They don't know otherwise. If this young girl is raised around anger, fear, hate, and disrespect, she will begin to think differently about the world she lives in.

I wish the very best for her future especially in these critical years of her childhood. I have nothing but love and respect to give to her along with her family. I hope we all decide to do the same for all our children.

She will continue to love and respect everyone unless we collectively decide to change that. We are all responsible for the future of this young girl.

Let's give this young girl a world that she is showing to us. A world of peace, love, respect, and a whole lot of hand holding!

I will never forget that moment yesterday. Thank you young girl for showing us how to treat each other. Thank you. Peace and love to you always.

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