When Startup Weekend comes to town, you drop all your plans. Yeah, it's that type of thing.

Last February I attended my first Startup Weekend event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. I signed off in the late afternoon and headed over to Cedar Rapids not knowing what was going to happen. I was excited and nervous about what I was exactly getting myself into. The time has come again for me to head to another Startup Weekend event and this time around, those nerves are gone. It is all excitment from this guy!

startup weekend iowa city logo

Startup Weekend Iowa City here I come!

Last Startup Weekend event, I met this awesome team where we created together PantryPirate. An Android app that generates recipes for you according to the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. I was blown away from everything we could possibly do in just a single weekend. It has changed the way that I program every single day. I have changed my entire philosophy on learning, starting a business, and how I get my work done. So you could say, Startup Weekend changed my life.

I do not yet have an idea to pitch in front of the crowd tonight. I browsed through my list of software ideas on a personal Trello board to see if any of those would sound fun to create this weekend but unfortunately for me, all of the ideas are things that only myself would benefit from. I am not sure of anyone else in the crowd tonight would be excited about some new programming tool...

Startup Weekend has been such a wonderful experience in my life that I have invited half a dozen or so individuals to the event this weekend. I spread the word as much as I possibly can to get the word out about this life changing event. I am even bringing one of my close friends along for the ride to join in the action! I am looking forward to getting my programming on, meet some passionate new individuals and catch up with many of the people I met at Cedar Rapids Startup Weekend.

For any of you who is curious about exactly what Startup Weekend is, it is one of those events that you could read about and get pretty excited about it, but it is one of those things you need to experience to really get the full idea. Keep up to date with the list of upcoming events to find an event near you to attend (it is an international event) and just go! I already registered for another one coming up in the next couple of months in my area.