A few months ago I decided to begin a new experiment. Podcasting. 8 episodes into The Life of Levi podcast it now, I wanted to write a little about why I decided to start it, what I am planning on getting out of it, and why I have decided to end it.

Why did I start a podcast?

I have been blogging since 2012 or 2013. My personal blog (which you are reading this post from right now) is a place for me to have the freedom to simply write whatever I want. Dump all my thoughts, my struggles, and most importantly lessons that I have learned while living life.

For the past couple of years, I have had some of my readers telling me that they enjoy my blog posts but they are podcast listeners so they are not the best at keeping up to date with my blog posts. When they first told me this, I blew it off. There was no way I could start a podcast. Podcasting takes hours a week to produce 1 episode. What would I podcast about that I don't already write about? Who would I interview? After time went on and a few more people shared with me that they also listen to podcasts more than reading blogs, I decided to put some more thought into it.

2 years ago I attended a meetup, Podcast like a pro, where I learned tons of tips and tricks from Nick Westergaard on how to produce podcasts. The meetup came at the perfect time because it was when I was starting to think seriously about creating my podcast but wanted to hear more about how I should go about doing it. I had never started a podcast before. I had no idea where to start!

At the end of the Meetup, I had a thought.

"Why not create an audio version of my blog?"

If my blog readers enjoy my content but they simply enjoy the act of listening more then reading, then why not give them the same content just in audio form? Podcasting finally seemed to become accessible to me.

What is this podcast about?

The Life of Levi podcast is about, well, my life. In my blog, I enjoy writing about lessons I have learned. Successes, failures, experiments, relationships, and insights into things that I have done.

Since the podcast is an audio version of my blog, you can expect the same exact type of content that the blog delivers. In fact, I am reading straight my blog posts word for word to record each podcast episode.

What am I looking to get out of this podcast?

Podcasting is an awesome method of delivering content. It is that perfect way of delivering content and consuming it as the consumer. With blogging, it's easy to consume but is missing the human element to it. Videos are hard to consume but they bring you closer together with the filmmaker. Podcasting is right in the middle. Listen at your own pace while hearing the voice of the producer to feel closer together.

The Life of Levi podcast content is not very consistent. It is about whatever I decide to write about. Programming, startups, making stuff, relationships, living simply, the environment, who knows. Do not expect to hear any interviews. Expect to listen to my thoughts in my head.

I am fortunate for the Life of Levi podcast because I have been able to explore the world of podcasting. I have enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to future podcasts to produce about other topics.

What I have decided, today, to end the podcast.

10 minutes ago I logged into Simplecast where I have my podcast episodes hosted and clicked the big red button to delete the podcast. Done. Gone. No more. Why? It all comes down to focus.

I have found that I am too fragmented with my personal brand. When I introduce myself, I say, "I am a native Android and iOS developer, a freelancer, an environmentalist, a minimalist, and ...". It has always taken me 30 seconds to go over who I am. I have realized that there is nothing wrong with having so many interests in life, but it causes a problem when I try to share content about all of them at the same time.

I have been asking myself lately,

"What do I want to be known for?".

Well, I want to be known as a talented developer. Someone who is knowledgeable on building tech products. That's it. Yes, I have tons of other interests in life and I will continue to have these interests but as far as my original content goes and my social media bios, I am a developer...and an entrepreneur but most importantly a developer.

Because of this, the Life of Levi podcast is no more. I believe I will be back with a new podcast show at some point. However, when I podcast again I will have a focus. I will be delivering consistent content about a consistent topic. Podcasting about 10 different topics on life is not as interesting as I cannot get as deep on a certain topic.

My personal blog will continue. It will also continue to be all over the place. My personal blog will stay as my place to write about where I am at that point in time in my life. If you find me interesting, feel free to continue and read the blog. Join my newsletter to hear when I write new content, create new screencasts/online courses, and release new products.

Contact me anytime if you have questions. I would be more than happy to answer anything.