...don't worry about what others think.

To jump right into it, I have been called "weird" for many of the environmentally friendly routines that I have. I make my own deodorant, I don't use cleaning chemicals, I don't use paper towels, I bring my own water bottle into restaurants that serve paper and plastic products, etc.

The way that our society has lived day-by-day the past century is extremely wasteful. We are so used to "just throw it away" and never have to worry about it again. Because of this extremely wasteful lifestyle, doing the opposite seems very out of place.

If we are going to change the world and make it better for generations to come, we need to start changing the norm.

Making your own deodorant should not be thought of as unclassy, unpractical, or weird. It should be a norm. Planting plairie grass and growing a garden in your lawn should be a necessity not inconvenient or even banned in some neighborhoods.

If you want to make a difference in the environment, you must look at things a differnet way. Look at it from the point of view of will this help the environment? and turn the other cheek.

The people in my life who call me wierd at first thought I was crazy. Didn't bother me. Now? They ask me for recipes and copy some of my habits.

It might be weird when you first start, but there is only way to make it not weird...

To do it.