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A good friend of mine, Mark, is so good at keeping focus. Mark builds quality websites. Most importantly, he launches websites. He has challenged me a ton to getting new products launched in 2017. How is he so good at launching? One reasons is because he is not as experienced as I am.

Yup. He is not as experienced as I am.

I truly believe this is one big reason why Mark is so good at building new web products and launching them. He knows HTML and CSS and very limited knowledge of JavaScript. "Just enough to get the job done.", he says.

Mark has more constraints then I do in programming. While I go off and build more complex software platforms, Mark builds awesome websites.

This is why this is important:

When I get an idea for building a new product, I take a few days to evaluate all of the vast number of tools at my disposal to decide what would do the best job for me. I am a professional software developer, I have lots of tools at my disposal. I have little constraints.

When Mark gets an idea, he also evaluates all the tools at his disposal, but because he has more constraints then I do, he is good at making a simple system that gets the job done. I love when Mark builds a new website, shows me it, then tells me how he built it. The ideas that he can come up with on how he built it amazes me. The ideas he comes up with I never would think of.

Because Mark has more constraints, he has to be creative. Constraints make you think a bit. They force you to be creative.

Constraints invent new ideas.

I remember when I was in middle school and there was a new girl who attended our school for a couple months. She dressed with a very unique style as she made her own jewelry from items laying around at her house. My favorite piece was a necklace she created by taking some white string and tying it to both sides of a cassette tape. This teenager had constraints. She gave herself style by only what she had laying around the house. Those constraints allowed her to invent new jewelry that others have never thought of before.

As a young kid, I remember building shelving units out of cardboard boxes from toys I got for Christmas. I built hooks for cables out of paperclips. I asked my parents to buy me some shelves and hooks to hang stuff, but they chose not to do so. This gave me the constraint to take what only I had at my disposal to invent new ways of organizing my items. I am pretty thankful for this now that I have grown older. These constraints gave me some creativity and an imagination for building new things.

Constraints are a gift

Constraints allow us to think. They allow us to invent. They allow us to get the job done with the smallest amount of resources possible. We come up with new diverse ways of solving problems. They make our lives harder at times it seems but in the end, they make our lives simpler. They truly are a gift. I challenge you to embrace them.

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