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Closing keynote.

-- Seth Godin

So, I got to listen to Seth Godin speak. That was pretty cool.

To be honest, I have just started to read into Seth Godin's work. I found out there are some die hard fans of him out there while we talked together before EntreFEST. I find all of his work so relatable, so thought out, so clever and all with a splash of humor. He truly is a joy to read and even better to hear him speak.

It was a big treat to hear him speak at EntreFEST this year. None of the attendees saw it coming. For being the most well known person in this industry of entrepreneurship/marketing he is pretty difficult to grab and he only does only 21 talks a year he shared. So special and was so fun!

The slides, the pictures, the colors, everything on his slides were so well thought through. Even though he does not repeat his talks he is an expert speaker. So confident and entertaining. He made me realize I need a lot more practice on my speaking...

Seth spoke about how we are all approaching a new phase of business. Because of the Internet, you can no longer open up a shop in a small town and make it. This age is gone and it is time to change.

"The Internet is a giant sort by price machine." -- Seth Godin

On the Internet, you could be one of 20 people selling the same product. You may all have the price set at 99 dollars. Once someone changes the price to 98 dollars, the other 19 lost sales. This is a huge battleground for competition. You are competing against 19 others for a slice of the market. How about instead you treat your customer a little different. Your product is a tad bit different. Your brand is a little more fun. You simply have something that makes you different that sets you aside from the other 19. This is where we are going.

If someone can implement your business quickly or someone can go somewhere else to buy your product then you're not at a good position. You need to be the place that is the only place to be treated like you do and buy the product you have.

"Don't go to a stranger and ask them to marry you. That is a stupid way to ask them to marry you. Go on a date, build a relationship then ask." -- Seth Godin.

It is near impossible to change someone. Don't try to. Instead, treat people differently. Normal people don't have problems. You can't make a product that helps everyone. Make it for one person. Don't be a band that plays all genres, do your genre and just do it. Musicians don't play music people want to hear, they play the music they want to play and they do it so well that people simply come.

Some big pieces of gold there. He had so much power in everything he had to say. I am a big day dreamer and Seth Godin had me locked into what he had to say for an hour and a half.

I had such a great time listening to what Seth had to say. I am a reader of his blog and of his books. He has me hooked. I love what he has to say. Some of the content he writes about others may write about but he makes himself stand out. I enjoy reading what he writes. The way he presents the content is genius. His talk had me simply in awe. It was awesome!

A great way to end the best EntreFEST yet. (being my first one, I agree with this fact) I am so looking forward to next year!!!