Wow it has already been a week since I started my journey as a full-time entrepreneur. It has already been exciting, intense, challenging, and an absolute blast! My team and I have already began to make leaps and bounds since Monday and I can only imagine what it will be like one week from today.

Monday my team and I moved into Vault. Vault is a co-working space that I have heard about for a year or so now and heard only positive vibes about it. It is this beautiful creative space filled with very intelligent builders like myself to create this atmosphere of success. Everyone comes to work every single day with the same goal: to build and maintain a successful business. I am proud to be a Vault member and be a part of these inspiring people that I look up to.

vault logo on wall

Vault logo plastered on the wall I see many times a day. Lets build!

When you are in a co-working space, you are filled with very passionate people of all different expertise. Monday and Tuesday my teammate Matt and I met dozens of individuals and exchanged what each other was doing in the Vault. From the very first hour everyone offered help with anything that we needed in the future. What a great welcome!

Already this week I have learned some big lessons. As an entrepreneur, patience and communication is extremely important. Long term patience is important yes, but I am talking specifically about day to day patience. This week was full with meeting new people, learning a bit more about how the Vault works, and talking as a team on organization. It was a bit of a mess especially because we had a couple members sick and conflicting schedules. These couple of days drove me a little crazy personally because all I wanted to do was move forward and make progress but it is not that easy. It was our first week together. Teams take months to form and perfect.

Everyone has their own way of working. Everyone is different in how they like to be organized, communicate with others, how they spend their time, etc. It just simply takes getting to know each other. Learn how everyone works. Some people need things drawn out visually, some people need calendar invites to attend meetings, some people are more comfortable around strangers then others, everyone is different. This is the beauty of being part of a team. Get to know each and every member and work with them.

The most exciting part about this week? Seeing how much me2 means to each and every one of my teammates. My team worked hard. We accomplished a lot of awesome work to move forward that I am very very excited about. Everyone on the team came into the Vault and got to work. All of the meetings that we had were very progressive with great discussions said at each. We are going to launch me2 with the very best of our abilities.

my wish for 2015 is to launch me2 and make kids happy again

My wish for 2015 is to launch me2 and make kids happy again.

I spent a bit of our week getting a new website splash page created and company blog setup. Be sure to check out our website splash page, our company blog, and our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages to keep more in touch with the business. Our website will be coming within the next week or two.

Something I tried differently this week is my todo list. I am always trying to find the best way that I work to be the most productive and this new todo list trick is helping quite a bit. Pencil and paper to the rescue!

Inspriation for my new todo list came from this YouTube video that I watched a month or so back. I use a regular 70 page notebook that I carry around with me throughout the day. Every morning I rip the previous day's page out and stick it in a 3 ring binder that I have (the YouTube explains the reason for the binder) and then start a new page for each new day. I write the day's date on the top and then start writing down all of the items that I am going to aim to get done that day. I write down all of the items and skip a line in between in case I need to add some notes to it later. I then grab my laptop, my headphones, and start a day full of pomodoro sessions. After each 25 minute pomodoro session I make a mark on the top right corner of my todo list page and so at the end of the day I can see how many pomodoros I got through that day to see if it was a good concentrated day. If there are ever any new tasks that I randomly think about throughout the day that I need to do, I write them on the very bottom of the todo list for me to schedule for some other day in the future (make a Trello card) instead of getting side tracked and doing the task at that time. It feels so good when you get to cross out an item on your todo list after it is done!

my new todo list technique

Date on top, number of pomodoros on top right, items to do that day under date, items to do some other day on bottom below line.

It was a great week building the dream. There is no other way that I would rather spend my time. I love entrepreneurship where no one is scared of taking risks and reaching for the stars. If you can dream it, then build it! No one is stopping you but yourself.

Lets build me2!