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2016 was full of beginnings for me. I love this time of year to celebrate the holidays with loved ones, but I secretly cannot wait until January 1st. 2017 is going to rock!

Many new beginnings.

2016 was my first full year of freelancing (started August 2015). This marks the beginning of a freelance career building amazing mobile apps with startup founders.

2016 was the year I got engaged to the love of my life! This marks the beginning of being a husband and starting a new family.

2016 was also the year I began to obsess about products. This marks the beginning of becoming a product guy.

I have learned a ton since I started this journey.

When I graduated 2 years ago from college I decided to become a full-time entrepreneur. 2015 was my year to find out what type of business I wanted to start. I wanted to learn how to become a startup founder, not just work for one while I was in college. I began January 2nd by building an emotional support mobile app, called me2 (now called Your Circle), with a team of 6 others. Then, August 2015 was the launch of Curiosity IO, my mobile app development business. Both projects are still alive and well.

By the end of 2015, I did indeed learn what startups are all about. We pivoted me2 almost every week, created dozens of possible business models, met with potential customers, pitched tons of decks, worked with a team of 6, and went through a 6 week accelerator program. I learned how to be a startup founder and start a company. Well, I actually learned how to be a really bad startup founder and learned what not to do the next time around!

When I began 2016, I wanted to learn how to build great products. Sure, I knew had to technically build mobile apps but wanted to learn more about how to build them in a way to solve customer problems. I met dozens of makers online and began to absorb everything they had to offer. I read books, blogs, listened to podcasts, and had conversations with these makers. I mentored dozens of startups around the country and built mobile apps with them through my freelancing.

By the end of 2016, I learned more then I ever imagined I could about how to build great products. I am so thankful to makers such as Justin Jackson,, and Jason Fried this year with all I have learned from them. I have become obsessed with product development.

My trip to Basecamp this year for Way to Work to learn about products.

I learned what to spend your time on and what is a huge waste of time while starting a company. I learned the importance of making small progress every day towards your goals then big progress every now and then. I learned the importance of focus and persistence.

2017 has no idea what is coming.

2017 is the year of launching. In the past 2 weeks alone I have launched 2 websites (personal site and Curiosity IO site), began an Android and iOS messaging app for Your Circle, halfway done with a new SAAS business, and almost ready to launch some new original content.

My new daily schedule that has helped me to get all of this accomplished the past 2 weeks.

I know I am not alone when I say 2017 is the year for launching. I used to say, "When I accomplish _____, then will be my time to launch something new." That day will never come. Trust me. Today is the day you have to start. If you work on a project for only 20 minutes every single day, you will be amazed you will launch in 1 month. Everyone can make time for 20 minutes if it's that important to you.

Here is my list of everything I have launched so far in 2017 (continuously updated).

Let's do this. Bring on 2017.

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