LB Mods and Repairs
Video game modification and repair services.

LB Mods and Repairs


Worked on: October, 2010 - June, 2011

Based out of: Iowa, USA

In high school, I operated a video game modification and repair service business. This was around the time that XBox 360 was getting popular and having issues with the red ring of death and I had a solution that fixed >95% of consoles I took in. I partnered with a local video game buy/sell/trade shop to attract business.

What I serviced:

  • Fixed original Nintendo consoles that could not read games any longer.
  • Fixed Playstation, PS2 consoles that could not read games any longer.
  • Modified video game controllers with different color LED lights, buttons, joysticks.
  • Repaired XBox 360 consoles with red ring of death.
  • Purchased broken XBox 360 consoles, repaired, painted and installed LED lights and then resold for profit.

I love meeting new people passionate about startups and apps.

Please, feel free to contact me anytime.