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Interview with myself about being a one man dev shop building mobile apps.

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Worked on: August 17, 2017


I am a huge fan of the Fabric.io product. I have been using it since 2013 in all of my apps to help me catch critical bugs with Crashlytics. Since 2013, the product has only gotten better with the addition of a few new products and tools to help ship stable apps.

Fabric, previously part of Twitter and now Google, is an awesome product and built by an amazing group of people. I have spoken with the team members a few times about development and the Fabric/Fastlane product. One day, they asked if I was interested in an article on their blog post about my development process. You kidding me?! Of course I would love to help them out.

Screenshot of my article publiched on the fabric io blog.

Check out the article here

The article is about myself as a one man mobile app development shop building apps for freelance clients as well as shipping apps on my own. It covers how I use the tool Fastlane to ship my apps so I can get more done. For anyone looking into using Fabric or the Fastlane product, the article is a good read covering how/why I got into using it and how you can too.

It was a pleasure working with the team and I hope to have another opportunity to do so. I have always loved what they are working on and how good of people they are to the community. After reading dozens and dozens of pull requests and issues on the Fastlane product on GitHub and the Fabric Twitter forums, they are super people who care about the community.

Screenshot of my article in the fabric io september 2017 newsletter

I was even in the Fabric monthly newsletter for September 2017. Super awesome!

Thanks, Fabric. Especially you, Todd for making this article happen.

Check out the article here

I love meeting new people passionate about startups and apps.

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