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Worked on: January 16, 2017 - Present


Have you ever hard of the company Buffer? Did you know that they make all of their employees salaries and the company’s revenue public?

The CEO of Buffer, Joel Gascoigne, believes in being open and transparent. Buffer has a website dedicated to it where they run their company in the public. Even Joel in his personal life is open and transparent where he tweets out aspects of his life.

I have always looked up to Joel for being open and transparent. I believe in living out in the open for one reason being held accountable. In the fall of 2016, I wanted to start a habit of waking up every day by 6:30am and exercising at least 30min a day. I was able to hold myself accountable most of the time but the habit was not starting because once or twice a week, I would wake up past 6:30am or exercise less than 30min.

After a twitter conversation with Joel, I decided I was going to run an experiment. I was going to create a twitter account that would tweet when I woke up in the morning and tweet out my exercise amount from the previous day.

After manually sending tweets when I woke up in the morning, I decided to create technology to help automate this for me. This is where LifeFeed was born.

As of right now, LifeFeed allows you to sign in to your Twitter account you would like to tweet from, then each morning when you turn your screen on for the day when you wake up, the app automatically opens up a new tweet compose window for you to tweet out when you wake up with the time.

I was going to add the ability to tweet out your Google Fit fitness data, but the project is currently paused. After experimenting for a few months with the Twitter account, it was helpful but not the most helpful. I was held accountable in case someone would check out the Twitter account but no one ever did. With that in mind, LifeFeed is currently paused. It may turn into someone completely different, might never be touched again. We will see.

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