John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center at The University of Iowa
Mentor for Entrepreneurial students at University of Iowa.

John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center at The University of Iowa


Worked on: June 2016 - Present

Based out of: Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Mentor for student startup accelerator program.

I conduct weekly scheduled meetings with student teams to talk through progress. I push students to get out to market to learn in the real world instead of guessing. The best learning experience they can have is to learn by failure in the real world!

Through mentoring, student teams have moved on to raise over $20k+, find a business model and make sales, pivot to a new market, or invalidate their idea all before college graduation.

I have worked with startups:

  • Atlas Capital - personal finance chatbot for millennials.
  • Empowered - Support network for those going through tough life experiences.
  • Yo! Dome - Microwave device to reheat leftovers to taste like it was fresh.
  • Stonefruit Coffee Co. - Coffee company for the outdoors person.
  • ABAL - Mobile app for autism patients to perform ABA therapy.

…I cannot think of the dozens more startups I have worked with through various other JPEC programs. These are the most recent. The JPEC student group is so much fun working with!

I love meeting new people passionate about startups and apps.

Please, feel free to contact me anytime.