Levi Bostian
Android and iOS developer obsessed with productivity

Hello, there! 👋

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I’m Levi.

I’m an indie app developer building and launching Android/iOS apps.

App dev

I have been building mobile apps over 4 years and writing code since I was 13. I have built mobile apps for Google and Salesforce as well as a dozen startups around the country. I belong to the Firebase Alpha and Realm MVP programs.

As someone with wayyyyy too many ideas and a freelancer working with multiple clients, my todo list is quite large. With that in mind, I have learned tools, libraries, techniques to write more code with less bugs.

To start, check out my highly rated tutorials on how to build an Android library for Gradle or how to build an iOS library for Cocoapods so you can reuse your code across multiple projects. Or check out my favorite Android and iOS open source libraries for mobile app developers.

Feedback I received from a tutorial video I created. This is what I call a perfect video tutorial. One of my viewers of one of my video tutorials enjoyed it so much, he translated it to Spanish.


There is 1 thing I love as much as building apps. Launching them.

While in college, I worked for a startup for 2 years from 30 employees to when we got acquired. Through this experience, I found that the startup world is where I get excited. I started my first tech business at the age of 13 (by accident!) and ever since I have had at least 1 business going on at any given time.

Most recently, I have the exciting news of sharing that one of my products got it’s first customer! This is exciting because I have only been working on this project for, you know, only 1,033 days. Check out part 1 of my story on this project of mine.

What am I currently building?

I am building an Android and iOS app for a startup HowFactory, launching my app Your Circle to the app stores, and building online courses for indie Android/iOS devs to launch more apps with less bugs.

If you want to know even more about myself and who I am outside of geeky business stuff, check out my about page or my archive of things I have done.

I love meeting new people passionate about startups and apps.

Please, feel free to contact me anytime.