Everything I have launched in 2017.

In my blog post/podcast episode highlighting my 2016 year, I mentioned how 2017 is the year of launching. It is the year I have decided to release new ideas to the world.

Here is my list of everything I have launched so far this year in 2017.


  1. Screencast on How to create a CocoaPod library
  2. My podcast Life of Levi, an audio version of my blog posts, launched via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast
  3. Blog post and podcast about Medium.com's news about cutting staff about pivoting their business. "Shame at how VC funded startups can ruin value."
  4. Website for Echo. Creatives for social and human rights. Source Site
  5. A website for my wedding! Yeah, I am getting married in 2017.
  6. Blog post and podcast about constraints in our lives. They may seem to make our lives seem more difficult, but I challenge you to embrace them! "Constraints are a gift."
  7. AndroidRx - Android library to add RxJava goodness to your app project. Includes RxJava, RxAndroid, RxLifecycle, Proguard rules, along with some utilities created by me.
  8. I wrote a letter to Barack and Michelle Obama thanking them for their leadership as President and First Lady of the United States.
  9. Blog/podcast story about a scam I have given into a few times in the past. Beware of work scammers.
  10. Blog/podcast story about a young girl I met while at a march against the immigration ban. She has nothing but love to give during this time. Our kids are trying to show us something.
  11. I spoke at EntreFEST 2017 in Iowa City, Iowa! I spoke about building side projects for your business to drive sales to your core product. The recorded talk along with all the resources (I keep up to date) can be found at SideProject.life
  12. Blog story about attending my first town hall meeting with a U.S. House Rep. Also, I reflect on my methods I have used to listen, be heard and recharge my batteries as a U.S. citizen. Story here
  13. Very small CLI program created to remind me to do something in bash. bash-reminder source code on GitHub
  14. Created a template project to build a Vuejs Chrome/Firefox/Opera Extension. Source for ChromeExtensionBlanky
  15. Screencast on How to build an Android library with Gradle
  16. Screencast on How to add unit testing to an existing Cocoapod library. If you already have a Cocoapod library (perhaps created by this amazing tutorial) this screencast shows you how to add unit testing to it.
  17. Blog post about my podcast I launched in 2017, the Life of Levi podcast. Blog post covering why I started and...and then ended it.

Bigger projects currently building:

  • Caddy Email: Manage all of your custom domain email addresses from one inbox.
  • Your Circle: A virtual support group for cancer patients and their families.
  • HowFactory: Freelancing. I am building an Android and iOS for this awesome team. Mobile app consulting, UX design, all development done by myself.

Canceled projects

This is a list of projects I began, and then dropped.

  1. Life of Levi podcast. I began and then canceled a podcast in 2017. For all the details on why I started and then ended it, read all about it here.
  2. Online course on how to start a freelance business. I may still create this, but it will be different than I originally planned to create it as.

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